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We offer annual report design agency services, from concept to production. At Kandi, we have a long history of annual report design, integrated reports, research papers and publications. With our background in layout and visual communication, we understand the importance of, and the positive impact, a great report can have.

That’s why, choosing an annual report design agency with experience is important. With our attentive project management, we make sure the process is smooth and that the final product looks great. Whether your business is located in Africa, Cape Town, Europe, London or the USA, we have the experience and skills to make a great report.

Annual report design agency

How to create great annual report design

When it comes to annual report design, process is key. An annual report design agency will be able to guide you through and assist you to make sure outcomes and deadlines are met. But apart from process, what are the key things to consider to make sure a report isn’t just good, but great?

Annual report design agency services

Key focus areas


1. Set your objectives – What is the objectives of the report? What message do you want it to communicate?
2. Don’t just report, tell your story – An annual report should be seen as an opportunity to tell your story, a story with purpose.
3. Consider your audience – Know who you are writing for to make it suitable for them.
4. Be consistent – Be consistent in your writing style, have a single editor to ensure consistency. Make sure you follow your brand tone of voice and style of writing.
5. Ensure information is clear – Structure the information so it has a logical flow.
6. Make it easy to read.

report layout design

Format and structure

1. Pick your format – From digital to print, PDF to microsite, square, landscape, double page spreads or single pages. Make sure the format is suitable for the intended use and audience.
2. Consider the navigation – Make sure it is easy for the reader to find what they need. Clearly labelled chapters and an easy-to-follow contents page is a good start.

Annual report design agency

Design and visual

1. Reinforce your brand image – An annual report is an extension of your brand, so make sure the design reinforces your brand image and is relevant to your story and audience.
2. The cover – A great cover is always important.
3. Make it visually interesting – Break text heavy information with engaging layouts. Use icons or pull outs to highlight information and make key information interesting. Use graphics to convey information more simply and make your report more visually appealing and more pleasant to read.
4. Make data visual – Include meaningful and informative infographics where relevant to make data more visual and accessible.
5. Use compelling imagery – Tell your story not only with words but with images. Good quality and relevant images can help tell your story.

Before you start

Have a project in mind? We would be happy to assist you with your next project. We offer annual report design agency services, brochure design and presentation design. Let’s discuss how we can assist, get in touch today.

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