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What is corporate identity design?

Corporate identity design, also known as brand identity or visual identity, in essence is how the brand is visually presented to customers.

A corporate, brand or visual identity are similar but have some differences. A corporate identity refers to the perception of the entire company, whereas a brand identity could just be a single product or service that the company provides. One business could have many different brand identities for it’s different products or services, but only one overall corporate identity. The term ‘visual identity’ can be used for both brand and business.

A corporate/brand/visual identity is the collection of all visual and tangible elements that together create the brand/corporate image. It is there to expresses the values and characteristics of the business/brand.

corporate identity design elements

Corporate identity design elements

A corporate identity can consist of elements such as the logo, colour palette, typography and font usage, layout guidelines, and imagery such as photography, illustration or iconography. A corporate identity is further defined by how these elements are used together in designs such as stationery, business cards, email signatures, websites, sales decks, presentations, reports, publications and other marketing materials. A great corporate identity design is unique and fitting to the brands values.

corporate identity design

Why do you need a corporate identity?

Inconsistent or non-existent use of a corporate identity will result in a less than optimal brand experience and perception. Brand guidelines are there to help ensure a consistent and ‘on-brand’ visual identity execution. Brand guidelines are also there to show how all the elements should be implemented together. Our brand design and brand identity service covers all aspects of creating and delivering a unique brand.

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