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In 2012 we were selected to be one of 40 Design Indaba Emerging Creatives. Emerging Creatives is an annual programme presented by Design Indaba and the Department of Arts and Culture. “The programme was established in 2005, with an objective of nurturing new creative talent, providing support, education and mentoring for South Africa’s future designers. All sectors are welcome to apply from across the country. Participants are selected based on the quality and originality of their work, as well as the work’s ability to stand alongside world-class designs.”

We were given the opportunity to exhibit our work at the Design Indaba festival in Cape Town, where we met both local and international buyers, industry leaders, and media. A year later we were interviewed about our experience.

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As a young design agency, it was a very valuable experience for us. As with many events, the most value was found through conversations, meeting different people and making new connections. We also had the opportunity to attend a workshop by Mike Freedman, which we found to be very helpful and inspirational.

The Emerging Creatives programme helped us understand the local market better, as well as giving us some additional media coverage that we wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Design indaba emerging creatives