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There are several points to consider on how to write a brief. However before contacting a list of design agencies for cost estimates, as a client, you should first take some time to research which agencies would be best suitable for your project, and what design services they offer.

Once you have a shortlist, you need to write a brief. Surprisingly very few take the time to really consider the importance of writing a comprehensive brief. It’s not a quick or easy process, but it is essential in order to have a successful project. You could even get fancy and use a Miro template, but a simple word document will also suffice.  It’s not about what it looks like when it comes to a brief, it’s what it says that’s important. Here are a few key points for clients to consider when briefing designers:

How to write a brief: What to include

A creative brief will vary depending on what the job entails. However, the fundamentals will stay the same. The brief should clearly and concisely sum up the project background and objectives:



Give background information about the company; explain the market position and target market.


Explain the current situation that instigated the need for this project, and list what the projects goals and objectives are. What is it that you want to achieve?


What are the deliverables for the project?


Let the agency know when you will be ready to start the project and if there is a specific deadline.


Be upfront when discussing budgets. If you are serious about your project you should have considered your budget upfront. This will affect whom you can work with and what can be achieved. By being transparent about your budget you will start an open discussion and gain trust, which is important. You also don’t want to waste anyone’s time, including your own.

Contact details

Who will be in charge of this project, what experiences do they have, and who will be involved in the decision-making? It will help the agency to understand the level of communication that’s needed.

Brief designers with a problem to solve, not a checklist of design elements

Thomas Heatherwick

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