Braid Africa is a Pan-African civil society network that mobilizes and opens connectivity through collaboration and conversation.

The Braid Africa initiative aims to connect and strengthen civil society organizations operating across Africa and create a network of support and engagement that can deliver greater impact on the continent.


The brief was to create an identity that encapsulates the four cornerstones of Braid Africa: Connect, Inspire, Equip and Engage. The identity needed to speak to youth centric and youth driven organizations, working in the area of education, peace, sustainable development, and global citizenship, across a number of different sectors.

Additionally the primary logo required a set of secondary logos for each subdivision that works as a cohesive family under the umbrella of a branded house.


The concept for the identity was developed whilst keeping the underlying mission of Braid Africa in mind: ‘bringing together and connecting’. The logo and visual identity features a colourful braid, encapsulating the concept in its simplest form. The primary logo is made up of five coloured parts, and a particular colour was assigned to each secondary logo retaining the original look and feel whilst highlighting the focus area of each subdivision.

The visual language was further developed, establishing a colour palette and usage, font usage, image treatments, graphic elements, patterns, iconography and layout guidelines.

Designs for the website, social media profile and a brochure were also created.


Braid Africa






Logo design

Visual identity design

Brand guidelines

Graphic design

creative direction branding
Braid Africa branding
Braid Africa branding
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Braid Africa branding

From the client

Kandi has been a valuable partner to us over the years. With their experience, they offer valuable insights and designs - a highly recommended professional team.

Chris MeintjesExecutive Director | Braid Africa