At Kandi we are passionate about working for companies that make our world a better place to live in. Edutrade is one of those companies. A brand of the Lasec Group who has been supplying laboratory and educational equipment for over 70 years in South Africa and Sub-Saharan African countries.

Edutrade’s focus is on maths, science, biology and geography learning areas for primary and high schools. They provide schools with curriculum-based resources, scientific educational products, and comprehensive teacher training. The Edutrade rebranding project was contracted to Kandi, to rebrand their brand identity in order to reposition and establish the brand as a market leader within South Africa and Africa. They wanted the branding to better reflect the company’s evolution and mission.


After a review of the current branding, our evaluation for Edutrade rebranding was that we found that the positive aspects of Edutrade was not showcased and highlighted. The current brand was cold and corporate. Edutrade is inspiring and offers upliftment, they are hands-on and people focused. They need a brand that reflects this positivity, a brand that emphasizes Edutrade’s passion, love for learning, curiosity and discovery. The brand also needs to align itself to Edutrade’s key values and vision, such as: spark an idea, grow curiosity, learn to collaborate, explore the invisible world, tools for discovery, future problem solvers, and bring ideas to life.

We developed a new brad identity that is a colourful combination of stylized elements inspired by Edutrade’s focused learning areas. The elements within the ‘cell’ have movement and shows energy, placing emphasis on the fun aspect of learning. The playful elements that form part of the logo further extend the brand identity into other forms of communication. When used in combination with photography, the symbols can be used to focus on a particular part of an item/subject to enhance messaging in a fun way.


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