Encounters, the South African International Documentary Film Festival, were established in 1999 with a primary objective to develop the documentary industry in South Africa. The film festival is an annual event held in both Cape Town and Johannesburg. In 2013 the festival had attracted over 139,000 attendees and has screened over 1,400 films since its inception.


Kandi was commissioned for the development of both the 14th and 15th documentary film festival branding. We used a collaging effect highlighting actors and scenes from the different documentaries. The documentary film festival branding extended through various touchpoints such as the festival programme, posters, banners, website elements, social media graphics, as well as newspaper ads. The programme was printed on Supergrade 60gsm (newspaper) and distributed throughout Johannesburg and Cape Town.

The documentary film festival attracted over 11,000 visitors, an average screening attendance of 82% and an audience increase of 4% up from the previous year.




Non-profit organisation


The 14th and 15th South African International Documentary Festival branding



Graphic design


documentary film festival branding
Documentary Film Festival branding
Documentary Film Festival branding
creative direction poster campaign design
Documentary Film Festival branding