The Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND) is a non-profit organisation located in Geneva, Switzerland. FIND provides innovative and affordable diagnostic products for all levels of the healthcare system in developing countries. Kandi was appointed to design their progress report around building global capacity for diagnostics testing of tuberculosis, malaria and HIV through laboratory strengthening and integration of services. This report was to be distributed globally and key considerations had to be taken for the report to be easily readable when photocopied.


Kandi designed and facilitated in the production of FIND’s 2010-2013 Progress Report design layout, the first year such a report had been established. The report design layout highlighted key activities, achievements and impacts, across different countries, by strengthening TB diagnosis. One of the key aims of the report was to engage with the various people from across the world that is contributing to FIND’s work. Selected success and human interest stories where included in the report to tell a wider story.

The report received excellent feedback from both on-site field workers and stakeholders.


FIND (The Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics)




Progress report


Graphic design

Layout design


Report design layout
Report design layout
Report design layout
Report design layout
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