Journey SA is a new exclusive tours and transfer business located in Cape Town. Their core focus is offering unique and unusual experiences, bespoke tours and luxury transfers. With their target market and offerings being fairly broad, it was important to strike a balance between the different characteristics the brand needs to uphold.


Journey SA approached Kandi to develop their new brand. We started by looking at assigning characteristics to the brand in order to establish the brands personality. Exclusive, luxurious, professional, sophisticated, bespoke, approachable and contemporary were the most prominent attributes pulled from our research. Following this initial process, the Journey SA identity was developed first by creating a selection of visual style directions, showing imagery, illustration and typography. These concept directions were discussion tools to help establish directions for the look and feel of Journey SA identity.

The brand mark using infinite loops to represent the road was developed around the idea of an infinite journey, a journey you would not want to end. A colour palette, inspired by the South Africa’s natural landscape, was created and applied to the logo: sun (above), water (below) and flora (left and right). The outcome was a unique and cleverly thought out brand mark, in combination with a bold word mark.


Journey SA




Identity design


Visual identity design

Logo development

Brand guidelines

Graphic design

From the client

Kandi care about the details and they take the time to understand your brand and your passion. It has been a joy to work with them and it is reassuring to know they will be there alongside us on our journey, growing the business.

Kim WinterDirector