Quintica, an ICT specialist company with operations throughout South Africa, Africa, UK, Middle East and North America. They offer integrated services and technology solutions into the enterprise and mobile network operator markets. Q-Journey, one of Quintica’s methodologies, is a guide in how to create, deploy, and maintain a world class customer-centric model, to build into successful frameworks of: quality, usability, value, trust, affordability, and profitability. Q-Journey consists of a four-part process: Asses, Define, Establish and Sustain. Within each process lies one or two product offerings, such as Q-Scan, Q-Portfolio, Q-Framework, Q-Build, Q-Transform, and Q-Live. Quintica was in need of branding this new methodology, and required a system that would explain the products and processes within Q-Journey.


Having had a long relationship working with Quintica on a previous Vodacom project, Kandi was appointed to develop a product logo and new visual identity system for Q-Journey.

The concept was developed to express this ‘journey’, using the concept around unfolding, unlocking of potential, new adventures, possibilities and growth. We sectioned the processes into their 4 parts, represented by visual folds, and used a bright 4 colour palette to identify the different processes, i.e. Asses (Q-green), Define (Q-orange), Establish (Q-purple), and Sustain (Q-blue).

To extend the Q-Journey identity further, a ‘map’ was created to show the parts of the processes and product offerings in more detail using the colour palette and iconography. Templates for Word and PowerPoint were created for each of the 4 part processes along with various website graphics and exhibition stand design.


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Q-Journey identity


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From the client

Kandi provides unique, thought provoking and eye catching communications content. Not only are they friendly and engaging, but they provide a professional and highly responsive service.

Michael AnsleyQuintica Program Director