Repositioned to create opportunities for youth dialogue, leadership, and active citizenship.

Radio Workshop (formally known as Children’s Radio Foundation) is an audio radio production and broadcast organisation that train youth across Africa as reporters. They give youth the tools and skills to make their voices heard about a range of social issues important to their communities. Radio Workshop contacted Kandi searching for a branding agency that could assist them in rebranding the organisation. They needed to reposition the brand, and create a new logo and identity for the new name.


Radio Workshop


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Brand discovery

Logo design

Visual identity design

Brand guidelines

Brand launch and roll out

radio workshop rebranding


Rebranding Radio Workshop as the leader in quality audio content from Africa.

The decision to rename from Children’s Radio Foundation to Radio Workshop was made to align the name more accurately to who they are. They also felt a need to remove ‘Children’ in the name, as they work more closely with youth. The second reason was that the name Radio Workshop was already in use by the organisation as a podcast channel. There was a desire to integrate the two in order to strengthen the work that they do with youth and community radio stations across Africa. There was a need in rebranding to modernise the identity, making it more in-line with their values and target audiences.

radio workshop rebranding

Amplifying youth voices across Africa.

Amplifying youth voices across Africa.

Amplifying youth voices across Africa.

radio workshop rebranding business cards
radio workshop rebranding logo


A guide in defining the brand.

Kandi began the Radio Workshop rebranding project with a brand discovery session. This included worksheets and discussions to dig into the brand purpose, vision and values, and as a result unpacking the organisations strategic direction and brand goals.

By working with local communities, local radio stations, journalists, and in local languages, Radio Workshop puts spotlight into the nuances of their stories and social issues. They use the reporting around issues to arrive at solutions but also to give audiences a window into why it matters, what it says about the global condition, and to create a scenario where listeners can relate to what is happening around issues in Africa.

radio workshop rebranding


To use radio and podcasts to create opportunities for youth dialogue, leadership, and active citizenship in communities across Africa.


To help youth make a positive impact on their communities through giving them the power of radio broadcasting and audio storytelling.

Eat, sleep, breathe, radio.

Eat, sleep, breathe, radio.

Eat, sleep, breathe, radio.

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A youthful and approachable brand designed for the world.

We developed a logo and identity that connects to Radio Workshop’s brand values and personality as a youth-driven, approachable, modern, and confident brand.

The logo features a dynamic and fun layout of type in vibrant and energetic colours. We used colour and typography to amplify journalism and the meaningful storytelling of youth. The minimalistic and bold use of diagonal colour-bands as a graphic element help strengthen brand recognition. The identity was created as a flexible and functional design that can be used in different formats, consequently giving the team at Radio Workshop an identity that is adaptable for their various platforms.

rebranding radio workshop guidelines

Rebrand launch

A strategy to relaunch the brand across all channels and touchpoints.

We led Radio Workshop through a rebrand launch strategy, and advised the team on planning the roll-out and brand refresh announcements. This included website assets, social media assets, and stationery updates. We created brand guidelines to assist in implementing the design language across all channels, as well as a plan for launch and post launch roll-outs.

From the client

Kandi came in at a time when we were trying to do many things at once. A name change, a rebrand, and a slight shift in focus. They helped us harness our collective enthusiasm for change and to come up with a clear, clean, and focused visual identity for Radio Workshop. Everything was handled perfectly - from the discovery process to the execution of the design, to incorporating feedback, and to final delivery of the assets. We couldn't be more pleased and would recommend them highly.

Mike RahfaldtExecutive Director | The Radio Workshop