Systems Play was an initial programme set up by the Bertha foundation and the Rockefller foundation in 2013, as an experimental learning initiative within socio-ecological systems. The idea was to create a support for systems innovators, to connect and build the capacity of change makers around the world.

The original programme was a transformational immersion in systems thinking frameworks, tools and theories. This programme successfully built a global network of change makers applying new systems paradigms to their work.


Systems Play needed an online platform that would support and grow the global network of systems innovators within social and ecological systems. It also needed to make visible the institutional memory of the work that had been done so far, consolidate the learning’s, support the existing alumni and regional hubs, grow the networks, and attract future funders.

Friendly, playful, intelligent and surprising were our guidelines when developing the visual identity. However the identity also needed to make sure not to disconnect from the seriousness of systems innovation.


We worked closely with the Systems Play team to develop the tagline and branding. We created a dynamic logo and visual identity system that reflects the programmes complexity and scope.

The design expression was based around a simple yet powerful idea of using the infinity circle in a dynamic and changing logo. This dynamic logo embodies the idea of diversity, movement and adaptability, using the connected dots as the main logo mark – showing the fundamental basis for the programme, to connect and enable people.

The website’s main objective was centred on being a useful tool to host all the programmes relevant content. To create a living workspace that brings teams and ideas together, a space that encourages curiosity, mutual support, and risk-taking, in service to learning and sharing amongst systems innovation practitioners. To achieve this, the website was designed with a front end uploading feature to make it easier for the teams around the world to upload and share materials.


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