City of Tshwane launched the Tshwane Green project with the objective of activating citizens in achieving a low-carbon, climate resilient and resource efficient city. The aim was not only to promote active citizenry, but also to ignite City of Tshwane’s excellence legacy as a leading green capital in Africa.

In keeping with a green economy and sustainability programme, the main activities within the campaign was to establish a baseline on carbon emissions for the City, its vulnerability to climate change, as well as educating and raising awareness. The programme was divided into six segments, including Service Delivery, Soul, Schools, Business, Homes, and Communities.


K&i developed a logo and identity system to highlight the 6 different focus areas. The logo concept was constructed using a stylised leaf to create a flower, with 6 petals in different colours to represent each focus area. Sub-logos with icons for each focus area was also created, along with establishing font usage.


City of Tshwane




Tshwane Green identity


Logo development

Graphic design