Twelve Royal Cold Brew Coffee is a small batch, slow steeped, handcrafted product, using the finest single origin Arabica beans from Uganda.

The cold brew process requires steeping coffee grounds in cold water for between 12-24 hours. As the brew method is without heat, it extracts less bitter, acidic compounds, resulting in a naturally sweeter coffee taste. The slow process also brings out and enhances all the wonderful subtle flavours of the coffee. Cold brewing is a somewhat unconventional method, even though not new, the identity was to reflect this uniqueness, as well as being African.


Twelve Royal is a self-initiated project by Kandi. By being such, this project gave freedom to express this ‘out of the ordinary’ product in a bold, artistic and somewhat anarchistic style. Taking inspiration from some of our favourites; Surrealism, Dadaism, and Deconstructivism. The brand features quotes and extracts from famous writers and artists, such as Comte de Lautréamont, Rene Margritte, David Carson and Salvador Dali.

Being a local Muizenberg company, the name was derived from the office street address of 12 Royal Road. The logo features a crown and the number 12, hand painted to reflect an edgy and raw nature. To carry on the theme of an iconoclastic brand, the bottles feature 4 unique artworks. The illustrations were handmade using paint, pen and pencil, inspired by an African sensibility and artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat. Each bottle also carries a handmade swing tag, giving the identity a local authenticity.

We further developed the responsive website, using WordPress, along with copywriting, photography, styling, and a slow-motion video.


Twelve Royal Cold Brew Coffee


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Twelve Royal Cold Brew Coffee