UNICEF event branding for Música é Vida (Music is Life) is an annual event in Mozambique accompanied with a music album, featuring top artists such as Stewart Sukuma, Mingas, Isabel Novella, Cuca, Herminio, Yolanda Kakana, Valdemiro José, Neyma, G2, Costa Neto, Muzila, Julia Duarte, Sslowly, among others. Each song has thematic messages based on the Facts for Life publication. The Facts for Life publication aims to provide families and communities with the information they need to nurture and improve the lives of children. The Facts for Life publication is a practical manual, a source of information for answers to questions related to childbearing and getting children off to the best start in life. Kandi was appointed by UNICEF for the event branding of the year’s event.


The concept for the branding was to highlight the artists involved in this years campaign. Tickets, stage backdrops, and social media graphics were created to promote the Child Rights Concert – the flagship public awareness event, aimed at promoting the welfare and rights of children through music. To promote the campaign, a CD, banners and posters were created, along with theatrical radio performances.




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UNICEF Música é Vida event branding





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UNICEF event branding
UNICEF event branding
UNICEF event branding
UNICEF event branding
UNICEF event branding
UNICEF event branding