Matthew van Heerden is a winemaker and viticulturist in the Cape winelands. He has won numerous awards, amongst being top-ten winemakers in the world, SA young winemaker of the year, and 2006 best Chardonnay in the world.

Matthew is most known for his high-quality signature wines, authentically reflecting the South African wine heritage.


Whilst his high-end signature wines are produced predominately for the South African restaurant market, Matthew was developing a different range of wines specifically for the Swedish export market.

The Vine and Co range is red and white blends produced from 100-year-old bush vines, a type of growing style that allows the vines to grow more freely and naturally rather than being trellised. The wine is naturally fermented with minimal intervention, hand crafted and unhurriedly aged.

The brief was to develop a brand that would celebrate the bush vine, match the design to the fearless wine making process, differentiate the brand from other South African wines, and to position it for the export market.


The main objective of differentiating the wine meant that we could create something bold, modern, minimalistic and timeless. Different from your traditional South African labels.

The story of this wine, as evident in the name, lies in using the old bush vines. The logo features a stylistic version of the old bush vine and the branding developed has a Scandinavian minimalism that is fitting for the target market.

The wine is being sold at the Swedish Systembolaget as well as selected boutique restaurants.


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vine and co signage
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vine and co wine label design bush vine white
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