WAWA is a wooden surfboard manufacturer in Cape Town, Muizenberg, producing locally made surfboards, as well as bellyboards and handslides. The boards are handmade, crafted to perfection and distinctly unique. Kandi was approached to help define and create the WAWA identity design for this new brand.


The logo was created in collaboration with the WAWA team. The letters were created using simplified shapes, making it a bold and legible mark when ‘branding’ the wooden products. We added a texture of real scratches and worn edges by sanding a printed version of the logo. The tagline features a serif stamp like font. To accompany the identity a ‘wilder’ more handwritten type is used for pull-outs and quotes. The WAWA identity design corporate colour is blue, inspired by the deep blues of the False Bay Atlantic Ocean.

Kandi designed various marketing materials and stationery items, such as posters, business cards, swing tags, brochures, adverts, exhibition stand for the FoodWineDesign Fair, the website and blog. We also produced some of the product and lifestyle photography.

WAWA has since been featured on various blogs and websites around the world, and in the local VISI Magazine as well as the TV show Top Billing. The video ‘Ode to Simplicity’, filmed and edited by Manu Grafenauer from Enjoy The Soup, featuring Alaia shaper and surfer Andrew Strode from WAWA, was the opening film at Wavescape’s 2014 beach screening.


WAWA Wooden Surfboards


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Branding, identity and website


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Website design

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From the client

Kandi formed an intricate part in the development of our brand. Thanks to the vision, experience and skills of Kandi, extending the brand culture across media was an easy process. I cannot recommend Kandi’s services highly enough.

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