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Brand design services

We are a creative design and branding agency, specialising in brand design and brand strategy. From logo development, naming, messaging and corporate identity – brand design along with brand strategy, is there to position and differentiate a business or service. Our aim is to maximise competitive distinctiveness, customer relevancy and customer loyalty for brands.

Over the years we have assisted many businesses, both local and international, to rebrand and launch new brands. We have executed building successful brands, repositioned existing ones and defined clear brand architecture for our clients. We work across a wide range of industries, assisting corporates as well as niche businesses with their branding and strategic goals.

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Brand audit

A brand audit is a process used to analyse a brand’s touchpoints and evaluate the brands positioning, strengths and weaknesses. Conducting a brand audit is a good idea to do in many instances. This is done before a rebrand, brand update or if your product or service offerings have changed. A brand audit is also known as brand review or brand evaluation.

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brand audit banner

Brand strategy

Brand strategy is the blueprint of a brand set out in a long-term plan to achieve the business goals. A brand strategy looks to position the brand and distinguish the brand within your market.

We work with our clients during our brand design and brand strategy process. We look at key target audiences and competitors. Together we establish things like brand values, brand personality, brand perceptions, brand purpose and positioning.

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brand strategy workshop

Brand architecture

A brand architecture (also known as brand hierarchy) is a logical and strategic relational structure for all brands within a ‘portfolio’. It is used to ensure clarity, synergy and leverage across a portfolio. The different brand hierarchy systems to consider are: Branded house, House of brands, Endorsed brands and Hybrid.

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brand architecture sub brands

Brand naming service

Naming your business is an important part of the branding process. As a brand naming specialist, we have a process to come up with names. The name for your brand should represent and accurately translate the values of your business. We work with our clients to generate names and tagline concepts that are unique and fitting to what the brand represents or offers.

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brand naming shortlist

Brand voice and messaging

Getting strong and unique brand voice and messaging statements down is vital in branding. Our copywriters work with our strategy team to create brand statements inspired by strategic recommendations and findings. These include vision and mission statements, core value statements and tone of voice guidelines.

brand voice messaging

Logo design

A logo design is there to represent a business, product or service in its simplest form. It is an important part in establishing the brand image.

A logo design can consist of a brandmark, wordmark or combination mark. Our design team has vast experience in creating professional logos. This involves bespoke custom logo design and developing unique identities that fit a brand’s values and personality. Our brand logo design process is a combination of research, strategic thinking and quality graphic design.

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Brand identity

Brand identity design is the collection of all visual components that make up a business or brand image. Brand identity design is also referred to as corporate identity design or visual identity design.

When creating a brand identity we develop elements such as colour palette, font usage and layout guidelines. This also includes imagery guidelines such as photography, illustration or iconography. A brand identity is further defined by how these elements are used together. A visual identity system can be expressed in items such as; stationery, business cards, email signatures, websites, sales decks, presentations, reports, publications and other marketing materials.

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brand design identity stationery

Art direction

Kandi’s creative director has many years’ experience working with brands developing unique art directions. During our creative direction and creative exploration phase of building a brand we explore suitable art directions for imagery. This includes the style and mood of imagery, and to find something that is distinctive and ‘on-brand’. We have experience commissioning and working with photographers and stylists to create custom imagery that suits your brand or project.

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art direction

Brand imagery

Brand imagery and brand image creation is part of the visual identity process, looking at how a brand’s visual imagery should look, be treated and executed. The choice of imagery is an important part of a brand’s overall image, in print, online and on social media. By using custom illustration, photography, or visual image making, we create unique and bespoke imagery for brands.

The style of photography, how the imagery is processed, edited or treated, helps create a unique style. Illustration is also often used to give brand imagery ownership. This encourages a cohesive mood or style with a handcrafted and approachable quality. Illustration can help your brand to stand out, and is an effective way of adding engaging storytelling to your brand.

For content creation we like to commission content creators, bespoke photography and create illustrations, as opposed to using stock where possible. It is much more valuable for brands to have their own ownable and unique image library than rely on stock imagery.

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guidelines brand imagery

Office branding

Office branding, also referred to as space branding, is a term used for designing and branding spaces, areas, offices and workplaces.

Wayfinding, signage and office branding, plays an important role in directing employees and customers in office buildings. But it also has the ability to build positive experiences and create lasting impressions.

Brands have the opportunity to use office branding to their advantage. By creating and designing their office spaces in line with their branding, expressing their brand values.

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office branding

Brand guidelines

Brand guidelines are essentially a guide on how to express and execute your corporate brand. Brand guidelines are also referred to as brand standards, style guide, brand bible or brand book.

Brand guidelines serve as a handbook for how to properly express your brand, maintain brand strengths and ensure consistency going forward. The guidelines will show how best to use the elements together across online and offline applications, showing best practices and uses.

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brand guidelines

Related brand design services

We also offer other graphic design and digital design services. These include:

  • Layout design
  • Report design
  • Publication design
  • Wayfinding
  • Signage
  • Packaging design
  • Advertising
  • Social media graphics
  • Campaign design
  • Infographics
  • Illustration
  • Presentations
  • Web design
  • Web development

View our 2X award winning rebranding project for best logo and visual identity for the professional services sector, HLO Branding Agency. Have a look at our brand update, brand design and brand strategy work for La Petite Ferme, exclusive wine estate in Franschoek.

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