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Brand audit

A brand audit, or also referred to as a brand review or brand evaluation, is a process used to evaluate and analyse your existing brand’s positioning, strengths and weaknesses. A brand audit is a check-up to evaluate if your brand is in alignment with your brand strategy¬†goals.

No matter the size of the business, a brand audit is good to do every so often, just to check in. But it is absolutely essential if you are thinking of a rebrand or a brand update. A rebrand or update could be needed if you see a dip in revenues or reach, if you have changed your services or product lines, if priorities in the business have changed, or you have undergone a merger.

There are a couple of key parts to review in a brand audit process:

Core: Name / What you do / Brand values / Mission / Vision / Audience / Personality / Differentiators

Verbal: Tagline / Positioning / Value proposition / Messaging statements / Brand voice

Visual: Logo / Corporate identity elements / All current touch points ( i.e. marketing materials, website, social media presence etc).

Competitors: Logo / Corporate identity / Positioning / Copy

Customer experiences: Customer surveys of their perceptions and experiences with the brand.

Once the research, interviews and gathering of information has been conducted it gets compiled. Next step is to analyse the findings and outline an action plan. Some things might stay as they are, you might need to rebrand and change the identity completely or a refresh might be suitable to align with your goals.

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