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Brand imagery

The choice of brand imagery is an important part of a brand’s overall image, in print, online and on social media.

Our brand identity process often includes looking at brand imagery. We explore suitable art directions, looking at how a brand’s visual imagery should look, be treated and executed. This could be photography, graphics or illustrations, either stock or bespoke.

The style of photography, how the photo is processed, edited or treated, helps create a unique style. Illustration is also often used to give brand ownership. This encourages a cohesive mood or style with a handcrafted and approachable quality. Illustration can help your brand to stand out, and is an effective way of adding engaging storytelling to your brand.

We like to commission bespoke photography and illustration where possible, as opposed to using stock. It is much more valuable for brands to have their own own-able and unique image library than rely on stock imagery. But it is fully possible to take ownership and create a cohesive image library using stock images, as long as you select wisely and follow brand guidelines.

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