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Logo design

Kandi have years of experience in creating professional logos and identities. Through our process, we create bespoke custom logo design and unique brand identities that fit a brand’s values and personality. Our design process is a combination of research, strategic thinking and quality graphic design.

A logo is there to represent a business, product or service in its simplest form. Not always the easiest task. A logo can consist of a brandmark, wordmark or combination mark, and requires a deep understanding of the business, the industry and competitive landscape in order to design a logo that will fit the overall brand positioning and make an impact.

Our logo design development process includes several steps. Before defining a brand name or designing a logo, a clearly defined brand strategy is key in establishing the foundation blocks for the brand. This is done during our brand discovery and research phase, either through workshops or worksheets and discussions with our client.

We have helped many businesses, both local and international, to rebrand and launch new brands. We work across multiple industries, assisting corporates as well as smaller businesses by designing timeless logos that are unique to each client.

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