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Office branding

Kandi is a creative design and branding agency with experience of working with architects on wayfinding and signage projects, which gives us an advantage when it comes to creating office branding that is on-brand, unique, on time and on budget.

Office branding, also referred to as space branding, is a term used for designing and branding spaces, areas, offices and workplaces. It plays an important role beyond simply directing or naming areas. It can contribute in building positive experiences and create lasting impressions. An environment that is using standard signage vs. an environment that has designed the space in line with their branding will give a far superior experience. There’s an opportunity to layer in messaging and company philosophies that bring a holistic experience and expression of the brand.

Your office graphics and signs should echo your overall brand identity. By being true to your brand and creating unique designs you will help your audience understand your true essence. Your office should be an extension of you brand.

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