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Digital design services

Digital design covers a multitude of graphic design services created for the digital space. This includes social media campaigns, social media design, web design, web development, UX design, and digital advertising.

Kandi have years of experience in digital design and print. We offer professional, reliable, creative and corporate digital design services for a variety of businesses. We have done work for both large and small companies, across multiple industries. Our digital design services can be offered on smaller ad-hoc requests or larger social media marketing campaigns.

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Examples of our digital design services are listed below.

Web design

Web design and UI design requires an understanding of branding, visual hierarchy, typography and layout design. It also requires a knowledge of responsive design, user experience and best practices.

Our web design process always starts with research, planning, design, then followed by build. It enables us to deliver effective and efficient websites, whether it is launching new websites or redesigning an existing site. We have a keen understanding of what makes a website great and always deliver fresh and ‘on-brand’ results.

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Web development

We are passionate about building sustainable, scalable, adaptable, robust and responsive websites. We build using WordPress, other CMS’ such as Squarespace, and custom web applications.

We have experience working on both custom builds and theme-based designs when it comes to web development. Our team is fully equipped to take on larger custom builds, such as mobile app developments and e-commerce platforms. We do this in multiple programming languages, including PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We also take on smaller brochure sites as well as start-ups.

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web development

UX design

UX design is the process of creating the best product by providing the best experiences to a user. We apply user experience, UX design, as an important process before starting the visual design of a website.

Our UX research includes looking at content strategy, understanding main goals, target audiences, user personas and user journeys. We achieve great results by using clear information architecture. By identifying and solving problems, we can create meaningful and relevant experiences online.

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ux wireframe

Social media design

Social media design involves creating and branding your company’s social media platform profiles as well as social media posts. This takes into consideration Facebook profile image and banners, Twitter backgrounds, Linkedin banners, and Instagram profiles. Kandi’s expertise in digital design includes rebranding existing companies’ social network profiles and developing social media design for new brands.

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social media design

Social media campaign design

A successful social media campaign relies on a great idea, great content and great design. We work from ideation, concepts, artwork creation and design.

We have a track record of delivering great campaign design for a variety of brands and organisations. The purpose for a campaign can be to sell a product or services, raise brand awareness, or to provoke an action. Our experience also covers creating engaging and consistent integrated marketing campaigns across multiple media channels.

social media campaign

Digital advertising

We have experience in creating digital advertising, social media advertising, web banner ad design and display ads for brands and businesses. We offer creative and corporate designs. We use key principles of keeping it short and simple when creating effective digital ads.

Information design

Information design is the art of presenting information in a way that makes it accessible and easy to understand. This can be a collection of information, data visualization, imagery, iconography, charts and graphs. Information design is directed to particular audiences in certain situations to meet defined objectives. We produce informative, engaging and striking visual information design communications.

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information design

Newsletter design

We have comprehensive experience in creating professional email newsletter design for corporates and brands. We create professional newsletter designs that people will want to read. From newsletter templates, custom HTML email newsletter designs, and using Mailchimp. A well-designed newsletter is essential for a successful email marketing campaign.

PowerPoint template design

We have experience designing and setting up effective PowerPoint template design. We create presentations and templates that are engaging and easy to use by applying best practices, creative layout and visuals. Our master slides are professionally set up and beautifully designed giving you the tools to effectively engage with your audience.

powerpoint template design

Motion graphics

Motion graphics are digital designs created for web, TV or film. We use visual effects or animation, putting text and other graphic design elements in motion. Motion graphics can also be used for animating logos and explainer video’s. We commission motion graphics to animators and illustrators in South Africa and abroad.

Related digital design services

We also offer other brand design and graphic design services. These include:

  • Brand strategy
  • Naming
  • Voice and messaging
  • Logo design
  • Brand identity design
  • Image and content creation
  • Art and creative direction
  • Layout design
  • Wayfinding and signage
  • Infographics
  • Packaging design
  • Presentations
  • Advertising
  • Brochure design
  • Book cover design
  • Poster design
  • Stationery design
  • Illustration

Have a look at some of our featured digital design projects. Covid Cuts SA, a social media campaign we launched raising awareness for Masi Creative Hub.SmartTrade, a corporate website we designed for an award winning UK mobile payment software. Escape+Explore, a local guide and travel company’s website. Systems Play, a new global collaboration tool for systems innovation and thinking.

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