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Graphic design services

Graphic design is a broad subject, covering any visual content created to communicate a certain message, i.e. visual communication design. It involves applying visual hierarchy and creating layouts, using colour, typography and imagery.

Kandi have years of experience in graphic design, both in print and digital. The different types of graphic design services we offer utilise layout design. This includes annual report design, brochure design, magazine design, and pamphlet design. We also do book cover design, poster design, advertising design, presentation design, wayfinding and signage.

We work for both large and small companies, across multiple industries. Read more about our other digital design services such as web design and social media design.

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Examples of our graphic design services are listed below.

Layout design

Layout design requires a keen eye for detail, graphic design, typography and composition design skills. Layout design is commonly used in annual report design, brochure design, magazine layout and presentation design. We use best practices, efficient process and project management to make sure we deliver quality design for both print and digital.

Read more about our layout design service
layout graphic design report

Wayfinding and signage

To develop wayfinding systems and signage for places and spaces requires collaboration between designers, architects, companies and cities. An effective wayfinding and signage system process requires planning, strategy, thoughtful graphic design and execution. We have in-depth knowledge and expertise in branding, graphic design and conceptual work. These are all important aspects of environmental graphic design, wayfinding and signage.

Infographic design

Infographic design uses graphic design to create a collection of information, data, imagery, iconography, charts and graphs. We offer design of informative, engaging and striking visual communications. Infographic design is also simply referred to as infographics.

Read more about our infographic design service
infographic design

Packaging design

Packaging design requires an understanding of branding, graphic design and print design. Packaging can communicate many things and can have an immediate impact on sales. Great packaging has the ability to raise the quality of a product, to create a perceived image and generate sales. It is essentially a marketing tool supported by branding.

Read more about our packaging design service
packaging design hemp oil bottle

Presentation design

Great presentation design is there to effectively communicate and grab an audience’s attention. Presentation slides or presentation pages should be kept simple, with a key message / take away on each presentation template slide. By using graphic design, colour, creative layout and visuals, we create presentations that are engaging based on different types of content.

Read more about our presentation design service
presentation design

Advertising design

Advertising design requires an understanding of marketing, branding and graphic design. We create great ad design for advertisements to sell products, services, raise a profile, or to provoke an action.

Read more about our advertising design service
advertising design

Brochure design

Digital and printed brochure design is a key graphic design service that we offer. We use effective design to create fold brochures, tri-fold, bi-fold, square, portrait, or landscape brochures. We create brochures for businesses, corporates, brands, architects, retail, healthcare, hospitality, PR agencies, government and the public sector.

Read more about our brochure design service
brochure graphic design

Poster design

High quality graphic design skills are essential in creating an effective poster design. We know how to create successful graphic design posters for both print and digital.

We have experience creating poster designs for events, films and campaigns to promote, raise awareness or to advertise. We have years of experience working within the city specs for poster advertising guidelines.

Read more about our poster design service
poster graphic design

Stationery design

We offer professional, original, quality stationery design for businesses. Corporate stationery design often includes items such as letterheads, business cards, email signatures, invoices and quotes. But can also include notepads, envelopes, compliment slips, folders, stamps, stickers, planners, and branded pens.

Read more about our stationery design service
stationery design


High quality unique visual imagery can help deliver effective communications and boost brand reputation. Custom illustrations are one way of adding great visual content to your graphic design, packaging or branding project. We offer different types of illustration styles, from multiples to a single piece of content. From character drawings, quirky illustrations, corporate explainer illustrations, digital illustration or hand illustration.

Read more about our illustration service

Book cover design

Book cover design is about making a great first impression. A beautiful cover that conveys the essence of a book is vital in book cover design. We have substantial experience in book design, from cover design to layout, typesetting, and image editing. We can produce for print and digital formats such as e-publications.

Read more about our book cover design service
book cover design africa

Creative direction

We offer creative direction as a service, overseeing the full process of a project or campaign. We start and work from strategy, content ideas, development to execution and delivery of a finished project. Our creative directors and art directors make sure that the creative is beautiful while achieving company or campaign goals.

Read more about our creative direction service
speaker at event creative direction

Content creation

Content creation is generally considered to be materials for online but also includes content created for print. Our content creators look at maintaining and updating websites, social media accounts, blogging, article writing, photography and image creation.

Read more about our content creation service
content creation

Related graphic design services

We also offer other brand design and digital design services. These include:

  • Naming
  • Brand voice and messaging
  • Logo design
  • Brand identity design
  • Image and content creation
  • Art and creative direction
  • Social media design
  • Social media campaign design
  • Digital advertising
  • Web design
  • Web development

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Have a look at our featured graphic design project for the V&A Waterfront Watershed. We had the privilege working with acclaimed Wolff Architects to develop and design the wayfinding and signage system. We also updated the branding for Pegasys Consultancy Group, consisting of their stationery, website, presentation deck, reports and brochures.

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