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As a design and branding agency Kandi is unique in offering a high quality in-house custom illustration service as part of our graphic design services. We have helped many businesses by creating engaging and beautiful illustrations. We work with our clients to interpret an idea and to best visualise a concept.

We commission international and freelance South African illustrators when a particular style is needed. We also use stock imagery for our clients on more limited budgets.

Illustration can have many uses, both in branding, marketing, advertising and product development. From reports, publications, books, presentations, infographics, information design, websites, and packaging. High quality unique visual imagery can help deliver effective communications and boost brand reputation. Custom artworks are one way of adding unique visual content to your project or brand. We offer different types of illustration styles. From character drawings, mascot design, quirky illustrations, children’s book illustrations, corporate explainer illustrations, graphic illustration, digital or hand illustrations.

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