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A freshly cut covid initiative with head-turning results


T he effects of the COVID pandemic and the lockdown in South Africa are far-reaching, economically and emotionally, even more so for our vulnerable groups such as the young and elderly.

Here at Kandi we put our heads down to think of how we can help in this time of need, using our skills working from home. With solidarity and generosity in mind, we came up with an initiative to raise money, one home haircut a time. We launched a covid initiative called COVID CUTS SA.

The idea is simple. During lockdown, it is not possible to visit your local hairdresser, barber or coiffeur. While grappling with the new normal, countrywide manes still need maintaining. So instead of wearing a hat or lying about a broken camera in your next zoom meeting, why not bite the bullet, cut your own hair or let a fellow lockdown member cut it for you, and with the money you would have normally paid your hairdresser, donate the money to the Masi Creative Hub charity. Masi Creative Hub is an amazing NPO founded by Yandiswa. They are working hard during this lockdown period donating meals and food parcels to kids and elderly in Masiphumelele.

This could produce some humorous cuts - especially when your kids get involved with craft scissors…

This initiative could not have been done without help. It is 100% funded through kindness of everyone involved dedicating their time and skills, and 100% of the money raised will go to Masi Creative Hub charity.

Sh(e)aring is caring! #covidcutssa

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