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A few years back, prior to the birth of K&i we conversed for several days around the name of our company. We asked and answered a plethora of questions around the subject. We came to the conclusion of K&i – a rather apt company name for a husband and wife duo with first names Karl and Ida.

The reason for us working together was because as a husband and wife team we knew that if we combined our ‘head-power’, we could compliment each other’s skills and do something great. We felt that the name, the logo, needed to represent this collaboration.

The ampersand (‘&’) is what joins us together. It symoblises the alchemy and the inseparability between us, it indicates a close collaboration, and that’s why it was perfect for us.

The ampersand has a great shape, and maybe that’s why there’s a wide spread fascination about it, and possibly why it has become such a popular ‘letter’ to pin on Pinterest (there’s an overflow of ampersand boards, we also have one and you can view it here).

When we recently updated our identity we fell in love with the ampersand all over again. But this time we wanted to highlight it more and use it across all our social media platforms. The handmade version is made up of hundreds of little paper circles and required a full A2 sheet of paper to produce.

We thought we’d share a few earlier lo-fi K&i versions and a selection of our favourite ampersands with you, especially for those typographic aficionados out there.